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The city is shrouded in chaos. The accents that were previously found on the street signs

Editorial Lumen Author: Pablo Zulaica

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The Lost Accents .
The city is shrouded in chaos. The accents that were previously on the street signs left with heavy rain. And what worries Dani, Eli, Rodrigo and Mauro the most is not adult remembers them.
Determined to discover the true reason why the accents disappeared, the children begin to investigate. All the tracks will take you to the house of an apparently ordinary lady, although in reality she is a witch.
Will Dani, Eli, Rodrigo and Mauro be clever and observant enough to recover the lost accents ?

For a long time there are the guardians of the language and Pablo Zalaica Parra is one of them. Born in the Basque Country, I love letters when I reads and also when I wrote. That is why he has decided to travel the world from a young age to share his mission with others. On foot, by bike or train, Pablo is seen taking care of the letters and their accents and inviting people to participate in the same passion that the language means.

Alicia is a designer who casually loves to draw and for that you only need a surface and something that scratches. In addition to that is addicted to chocolates, or good, everything that has a lot of sugar and commas (,). From there on out is a pretty average person who likes to enjoy the little pleasures of life, like those five extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

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